We help maritime unions to connect, unite and protect seafarers with financial services.

Seafarers need a guide for financial protection.

There is no organization in the world that would be a better partner for seafarer's financial security than you, a union for seafarers. No insurer comes close. No bank. No financial middle man. Nobody, but you. Because it is simply your goal to help the seafarer benefit. You can connect with seafarers. You can unite them and therefore you can protect them.

Protection by uniting

Only in a united group, we can mutually develop financial protection for seafarers. Let us help you to develop solutions that will create financial stability for your members, and their families.

The Union as the guide for the seafarer’s financial protection

We all know why it is hard to find financial stability for a seafarer. But your union can help overcome this. You are already united, we can bring you the financial knowledge and support. Let’s work together to provide seafarers with some necessary financial protection.

Seafarer Financial Program:
3 easy steps to financial protection

Azalea Marine Benefits is specialized in helping Seafarer’s Unions. Independently, so that the seafarer will benefit. We provide simple steps to help develop the solutions that meet the needs of you members. 

1. Connect with Needs

Together with you we develop an easy survey. Our easy technology supports you while you keep control of all the data. GDPR compliant! 

We will help you translate the input you received to form a Request for Proposal to present to Financial Institutions. 

2. Unite for Best Deal

We will unite the needs of seafarers to negotiate the best possible solution together with you and a financial institution. 

We will develop the necessary online tools to help you present the solutions to your members.

3. Protect and Support

We will continuously support you to keep all logistics up to date and compliant with local and international legislation.

The goal is to offer seafarers financial protection that makes them happy, while alleviating all the work for you.

We do the work, you get the credits.

  • We will create the best disability and life insurance for seafarers in the world, giving you exclusive rights to offer this to your members.
  • Our high-tech backoffice and support department will give you peace of mind, because we handle all the work while you get the credits. 
  • Azalea has more than 20 years of international experience in the maritime industry and understands your business and the world of seafarers.
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    And we have more than 20 years experience in finding, negotiating and realizing industry specific insurances giving you the best deal out there. 
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    All communication to the seafarer will include your brand, because it's your organization that makes this happen. Thus, you build a long term relationship with seafarers.

Some testimonials of happy seafarers...

I feel very safe now...

Anonymous Croatian Automation Engineer

Cover thru employer was very small. I feel very safe now that I am also covered at home, plus extra insured when at work.

Family and I are happy

Th. Spencer 2nd Officer

Family and I are happy to finally have an income protection throughout the entire year.

I think it is wise...

T. Güler Master

I think it is wise to not just count on my real estate investment when it comes to my income protection.

Want to discover the complete
Seafarer Financial Program? 

We know exactly which steps to take and how to interweave your specific needs in your offer to seafarers. It will give them financial peace of mind, while you earn their respect and loyalty doing this.

Book a meeting with us to discover the benefits and contents of this unique program.

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